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Puppies are sent home with a small bag of puppy food to get you started.  Toy poodles are fed Dr. Tim's all life stages food.  There is a sponsored link on the home page to Chewy which is where we get our food.  There is a drop down box on that page so a smaller bag may be purchased.  Usually the first order is 20 to 30 percent off, then 5 percent off future orders. If you prefer another food, make sure that the bag is marked "complete and balanced".  If it does not say that on the bag, then puppy will not get all the nutrition puppy needs from that food and supplementation that is required. To change type of food for puppy, feed puppy 3/4 Dr Tim's and 1/4 new food mixture for a week, then half Dr Tim's and half new food for a week, then 3/4 new food and 1/4 Dr Tim's for a week, then give only the new food.  This will keep your puppy from having diarrhea and stomach pain from changing food.  

A blanket with the mother's and or littermate's scent on it also will be sent home with puppy.  It helps calm puppy and ease transition to a new home with new smells. Put blanket in puppy's sleep spot to help comfort puppy.

All the toy breeds have delicate legs.  For this reason, please do not let puppy jump off bed, furniture, or porch. These areas are over twice the puppy's height which would be equivalent to a human say jumping from a height of 10-12 feet.   There are many testimonies about toy breed dogs injuring or breaking backs and legs from jumping off high things. We recommend putting steps next to the bed or sofa. 

Zak George is our favorite trainer.  He has multiple dog training videos on Youtube and Instagram using positive reinforcement.  

We do not play rough with puppies or play biting type games.  If puppy tries to bite to play, offer puppy a toy or have puppy switch gears by petting puppy.  This teaches puppy not to bite. 

The Success or failure of potty training is directly related to the amount of consistency you provide.  There are several successful methods of potty training, and pad training.  Puppies are used to using puppy pads and cloth washable pads to do their business. Consider using a pet apartment (see youtube video) for puppy pad training.  If potty spot is outdoors take puppy to potty spot on a leash.  Please be aware of birds of prey.  They can take a small puppy as their food. 

Sadly, as said by our vet "all puppies have worms"  our puppies are wormed and up to date on shots.  They will need worming at 10 weeks, and twice a year.  Nemex 2 is the liquid wormer we recommend because the puppies love the taste.  Dosage is on the side of the bottle.




Toy poodles require regular grooming.  They seem to do better at the groomers if they start going to the groomers at about 12 weeks (after they have had their puppy shots). To get them ready for being handled by groomer, gently pull/play with ears, paws, tail frequently. 

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