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Puppy Contract

Your puppy has been vet checked and was given a clean bill of health. In order to assure you of a healthy puppy, the puppy should be seen by your veterinarian(vet). The purchaser must take puppy/dog to the veterinarian of choice at their expense within 72 hours of receipt of the puppy for a health check and to become established with a vet. If the purchaser does not have puppy seen by a vet within the 72 hour time frame, they accept the puppy as is at the time of sale, and the guarantee is void.

Should the vet find the puppy is unhealthy, has a life threatening genetic defect, or life threatening disease, upon initial examination, the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded provided that puppy is returned with a written statement from the vet on the vet's letterhead along with all registration papers.  This puppy is further guaranteed to be free of genetic life-threatening defects for one year after date of birth.  If this occurs,  the buyer may return the puppy for a refund, provided the puppy and all registration papers as returned. Also a signed statement from the vet on vet's letter head identifying the life threatening defect must be provided. Seller is not responsible for associated charges such as shipping, vet fees, mental stress, low blood sugar, internal parasites. Under no circumstances will the seller be responsible for veterinary costs the buyer has incurred. 

In the unfortunate event of a puppy death, an autopsy must be performed. The cause of death must be verified, in writing, signed by the vet on vet's letterhead paper and presented to the seller within 5 days of the autopsy along with autopsy report. Refund will only be issued for genetic defects. Autopsy cost to be the buyer's responsibility.

If the puppy is re-vaccinated within 3 weeks of vaccination that was provided by the seller, (dates of vaccination will be provided by the seller),this contract will be voided. Any adverse reaction to vaccinations is not covered by this guarantee. PUPPY MUST BE VACCINATED USING WEIGHT BASED DOSE BY VET. Any evidence of abuse, neglect, will also void this contract, and there will be no refund.  Puppy must be spayed/neutered at 6 months of age. Puppies are not to be used for breeding in an effort to keep our puppies out of puppy mills and no breeding rights will be given.


Seller reserves the right to have puppy examined by the vet of seller's  choice and based on seller's vet's findings, will any adjustments be made. Seller does not guarantee size, and color of puppy, or that dew claws will not regrow. Ear mites, fleas, worms, gardida, giardia, and coccidian are not  serious problems if treated, and are not covered by this guarantee. 

The seller assumes no responsibility for the puppy after leaving premises regarding medical expense. No returns will be accepted once the puppy has left the premises due to possible exposure to disease, or infestation.


In the event that the buyer is unable to keep the puppy and is unable the find a suitable home for puppy, the buyer agrees that the puppy will not be placed in a shelter, rescue, or pound. The buyer will contact seller to try to find puppy a new home, and no refund will be made.  

Your puppy should not be socialized until puppy has received a series of 3 puppy shots.  This would include at least 3 shots to protect against communicable diseases.

I have read and agree to the above terms of this contract. I have received a copy of veterinary check and immunization record and 1 puppy.  Sire______________________________  Dam_________________________  Birthdate_____________________________

Deposit of $_________received on___________. Remaining amount due by receipt of puppy$__________.   Male or Female______

Total amount received for 1 puppy $______________________.

Buyer (Print)_________________________________Date__________   Seller______________________________ Date__________

Buyer (Sign)______________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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