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Welcome to our website.
Sweeten Creek puppies located in the hills of Cumberland County in Tennessee. Our goal is to provide wonderful healthy puppies to loving forever homes. Puppies go to their new homes up to date on shots, wormed and vet checked.  Parents are genetically tested, and clear.  All puppies come with a 1 year life threatening genetic defect guarantee.

Meet the Parents
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 Irish Doodle Puppies
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Our parents are part of the family and enjoy the full run of the yard (and the house). Our four legged family members get lots of exercise and play time. We enjoy socializing our pets, as we feel this is a very important part of raising trusting and affectionate companions. 

            This is Copper
 He is from a previous litter

 When you think of a happy dog the Irish setter comes to mind with its beautiful red coat and energetic nature.  You also  never hear of an Irish setter having bad or dangerous behaviors like some breeds can have. Likewise, when you think of Poodles you might also think of a happy friendly breed that also happens to be non- shedding. These two breeds combined make a beautiful companion that has almost no shedding and  a wonderful disposition the entire family can enjoy. 

Available Puppies
Toy Poodle Puppies
Click picture below to view available puppies

The toy poodle is a smaller version of the standard poodle and is non-shedding. The toy poodle wants nothing more than to be you best friend. This breed is equally happy sitting in your lap as running around the house playing with your other pets or children. Unlike some breeds this breed is excellent with the entire family and would make a wonderful companion. 

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