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Toy Poodles

The toy poodle is a fun breed that thrives on attention and starves for the affection of its owner. The breed is an exact replica of the standard poodle and is just as intelligent and agile. The Toy poodle is a beautiful dog that does not shed and is considered by many to be hypoallergenic.  Their coat is a thick and curly and requires frequent brushing and periodic grooming in order to maintain beautiful coat. This breed is just as happy running and playing as they are sitting in your lap. Show this breed love and affection and you will have a friend for life. 

Irish Doodles

The Irish Doodle is a crossbreed of an Irish Setter and a Standard Poodle. If you are searching for the perfect family dog that is good with children then look no further than the Irish Doodle. Unlike most breeds they have minimal shedding and won't leave hair on your clothes just by brushing up against you. Also, unlike many breeds they bark minimally. This breed is very intelligent, gentle, playful, and naturally attentive to their owners. 

Our Poodles and Doodles

Every breed has the possibility for genetic defects, however, our parents are genetically tested for the most common types. You can click the paw print genetics icon by the parents photos to view their genetic testing. We do all we can to ensure that you are receiving a healthy puppy. To further guarantee that you are receiving a healthy puppy we have each one veterinarian checked before the puppy leaves our home to yours. 

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